Eastern Regional Load Despatch Centre (A Government of India Enterprise) CIN: U40105DL2009GOI188682

Eastern Regional Load Despatch Centre (ERLDC) is the apex body to ensure integrated operation of the power system in the Eastern Region.

Facilitates Integrated operation for improved quality, Security and Reliability of Power Supply on Regional Basis
Provides Avenues for Intra-Regional and Inter Regional Exchanges
Telemeters Live Data from Major Generating Plants and Sub-stations
Co-ordinates Drawal Schedule from for all ISGS constituents
Persuades Constituents to Match Drawal Schedule
Issues Clearance for outage of Elements for Maintenance Work
Supplies Management Information about Performance of Grid Operation
Supports Constituents in Power System Studies
Monitors Generation of C.S. Power Stations and Power Flow in Major Lines and Tie Lines
Endeavours To Maintain Network Security
Processes Special Enegry Meter Readings for Bulk Power Energy Settlement
Implements IEGC and Regulatory Directives