Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition or simply SCADA is one of the solutions available for data acquisition, monitor and control systems covering large geographical areas. It refers to a combination of data acquisition and telemetry.

In this system, measurements are made under field or process level in a plant by number of remote terminal units and then data are transferred to the SCADA central host computer so that more complete process or manufacturing information can be provided remotely.

Modern SCADA systems replace the manual labor to perform electrical distribution tasks and manual processes in distribution systems with automated equipments. SCADA maximizes the efficiency of power distribution system by providing the features like real-time view into the operations, data trending and logging, maintaining desired voltages, currents and power factors, generating alarms, etc.

In substation automation system, SCADA performs the operations like bus voltage control, bus load balancing, circulating current control, overload control, transformer fault protection, bus fault protection, etc.